The donations you’ve made ignited amazing Down syndrome cognition research breakthroughs. Look at all we’ve accomplished together.

2003 Decoding of human genome opens door to cognitive research
2004 Mouse model for DS developed by researchers in London; Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (DSRTF) is founded
2005 DSRTF awards first grant to Dr. William Mobley of Stanford University
2006 First drug target, the APP gene, identified by Dr. William Mobley and team, linking cognitive impairment in DS to the cognitive decline experienced in Alzheimer’s disease
2007 DSRTF establishes it’s Scientific Advisory Board, the only scientific board in the US dedicated exclusively to cognition research for DS
2008-2010 DSRTF expands grant awards to include Johns Hopkins University, UC San Diego, University of Arizona, University of Texas, and the VA Hospital of Palo Alto
2011 Roche Pharmaceuticals begins clinical trial of the first potential therapy designed to improve cognition and adaptive behavior in individuals with Down syndrome
2014 DSRTF renamed LuMind Foundation
2015 Merged with Research Down Syndrome to create LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation, the largest source of private funding for DS cognition research
2016 Awarded more than $13.2 million in research grants; 9 potential drug targets; 4 clinical trials
2016 Awarded grant in first public private partnership with NIH, AC Immune for clinical trial