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Beth Sullivan

Senior Director of Community Engagement

Beth Sullivan calls Mississippi home but she grew up the youngest of 8 children on a farm in Illinois before life’s adventures took her to Indiana, Florida, and Kansas. She married her college sweetheart, Mike Apgar, and they have two children, Oliver was born in 2004 and is her ticket into the Down syndrome community and Sebastian, born in 2006.

Beth’s passion for advocacy combined with her career in writing and editing seemed a natural fit for jumping into Down syndrome leadership roles after Oliver was born. She brings 13 years of nonprofit leadership along with a degree in Communications/Journalism. Beth pursued a Master’s in biology before a family move took her in a different direction.

Beth is one of the original founders of the International Down Syndrome Community and has held many roles within the organization. Most recently she has served as Chairman of the IDSC. Additionally, Beth has served on the board of directors for a number of Down syndrome organizations as well as served on other community boards and committees.

Outside of volunteering, Beth has worked for a number of years as a freelance editor and writer with a focus on academic dissertations, theses, and curriculum development. Beth loves reading and writing, books and words, she’s a science nerd, and she loves birdwatching and gardening. A perfect day involves going out for lunch, perusing a used bookstore, going on a long hike, then retreating to her home to read in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea.