Claudia Moreira


Dr. Moreira is a professional  with  broad  international  experience  in  research  in  both  public and  private  sectors.  Graduated  in  Pharmacy  and Biochemistry, she holds a master and a PhD degrees in Biological Sciences (Molecular Biology) from the Universidade Federal de São Paulo in collaboration with the University of Michigan (2002).

She has experience in the field of immunology, with emphasis on validation of  diagnostic  tests  for  infectious  diseases.  Worked  on  projects  at  UFRJ  in  collaboration  with  the  Centers  for  Disease  Control  and Prevention (CDC) in improving the infrastructure of laboratories in Mozambique and in studies of HIV prevalence in Angola. Worked in the implementation of genetic tests that use the technique of dry spot in the collection of biological samples for laboratory analysis. Proven ability in both qualitative and quantitative scientific research working in Africa, North America and Brazil. Fluent in English and Portuguese.

At present, she is a project coordinator and scientific advisor at Instituto Alana/ Alana Foundation in the field of Down syndrome.