A Personalized Care Plan

LuMind IDSC is proud to be the Founding Philanthropic Supporter of DSC2U!

With DSC2U, caregivers have an opportunity to complete an online intake form, where they can identify current health concerns about their son or daughter with Down syndrome. The responses will generate two personalized documents–a plan for caregivers and another one for the primary care provider. Watch the video below to learn how it works.

Current estimates suggest that over 95% of individuals with Down syndrome do not have access to a Down syndrome specialty clinic. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have created DSC2U as a way to address this need and are evaluating how it works.


If you are interested in using DSC2U when it becomes available to the public, please enter your email here.

Down syndrome affiliates have the opportunity to purchase DSC2U in bulk for their families. If you are interested in purchasing bulk DSC2U packages, please email Michelle Slape and you will be notififed when DSC2U becomes available.