LuMind IDSC Educational Webinar Series

Researchers Share The Methodology and Progress of Down Syndrome Research

We are excited to offer access to the recordings of our ongoing educational series of webinars — web-based audio and slide presentations — led by the principal investigators of the exciting research for Down syndrome. We believe these sessions offer unprecedented access to the scientists who are actively advancing the field, and we are honored and pleased to be able to offer their perspectives on a regular basis.

We encourage you to share these educational opportunities with other families of loved ones with Down syndrome in your community. Contact us and reference the webinar title in your subject line if you have any additional questions about the research after watching the recording.

Scroll down for on-demand access to recordings of our past webinars in a variety of research topics. Simply click on the link “Play Now” and you’ll be taken to a new window, where you can play back the recording.

You can view and register for upcoming live webinars on the LuMind IDSC Calendar.

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Promotion of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Individuals with Down Syndrome
Learn about diet programs
and successful physical
activity interventions
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Discovering Patterns of Change in Cognition to Empower Treatment Research
Learn how psychometric
development is critical
to test new medicines
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Maximizing Cognitive Development in Down Syndrome
How and when to promote
better sleep to promote
Understanding and Supporting Speech and Language Development
Learn about language
development & treatment
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Connecting Families and Those with Down Syndrome to Research that INCLUDEs Them
Learn about NIH's
resources and their new
INCLUDE initiative
Evaluation and Management of Hearing Loss in Children & Adults with Down Syndrome
Overview of timing, tests
classroom accommodations
interventions and devices
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Alzheimer's Caregivers Webinar
Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome: What You Need to Know
Alzheimer's Association
experts share all: signs
to caregiving strategies.
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Understanding Evidence Based Research
Understanding Evidence-Based Research With Jim Hendrix, LuMind IDSC CSO
Learn how to recognize
criteria for evidence-
based research.
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LIFE DSR Study for Adults with Down Syndrome To Support Future Clinical Trials
Natural history study
gathers essential data
about Alzheimer's in DS
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Implant for Severe Sleep Apnea: How Are The First Participants Doing And What’s Next?
FDA approved for adults;
trial for effect on sleep
& speech in children.
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Down Syndrome Clinical Trial Network: Blazing a trail to clinical trials for Down syndrome!
Overview of the trial
path to FDA approval
and impact of DS-CTN.
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Understanding a sudden loss of skills in children or young adults with Down syndrome
Learn about the known
signs, causes or triggers
and current research.
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Parental perspectives and priorities of Down syndrome research and 5 ways to rally for research
Family Survey: Knowledge,
Behaviors & Attitudes
Towards Ds Research
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Pathways to Novel Cognition Targets with Potential to Help People with Down Syndrome
Dr. Heller presents 3 Ds
research targets to help
boost memory & learning.
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Alzheimer’s Biomarkers in Down Syndrome from the LonDowns Consortium and DABNI
Novel biomarkers for AD
in Ds are effective
indicators of dementia.
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MGH/Mass Eye & Ear: Don’t Let Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Get in the Way of Cognitive Potential!
Clinical trial for apnea
implant improves sleep
when CPAP mask doesn't
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Boston U. Research: What is white matter and why does it matter in Down syndrome
Less white matter in Ds
leads to slower nerve
cell communication
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UCSD Research: Alzheimer’s in Down Syndrome – Status of Progress and Hope for the Years Ahead
Learn about AD in Ds and
today's clinical trials
with promising therapies.
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Vanderbilt U. Research: Infant Learning Through Objects for Infants with Down Syndrome
Adaptive play to maximize
object interaction and
learning for infants.
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