Research Expert Meetings

 Jim Hendrix, Chief Scientific Officer - LuMind IDSC  Foundation
Jim Hendrix
Chief Scientific Officer
LuMind IDSC  Foundation

“Many topics of research are getting very specific and the next frontiers of research builds on what has already been learned. These meetings are catalysts to advance research more rapidly and to get the experts to meet and think of further solutions together.”

In addition to sponsoring or co-organizing large DS researchers conferences, LuMind IDSC also at times organizes gatherings of experts on different specific topics (such as Alzheimer’s assessment scales and chromosome silencing). 

We have supported the following recent experts’ research meetings:


T21RS Chicago
Researchers conference
June 2017
232 attendees


KOL meeting on Alzheimer’s assessment scales in DS
Experts Meeting
June 2017
20 attendees


KOL meeting on chromosome silencing and gene therapy in DS
Experts meeting
February 2018
40 attendees


Workshop on Alzheimer’s in Down syndrome
Researchers conference
March 2019
~75 attendees


T21RS Barcelona
Researchers conference
June 2019
439 attendees


NDSS SciCab on new NIH Research Plan
Experts meeting
April 2020
~50 attendees

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